has been in existence since 2014 and establish in 2018 to focus on food and beverage packaging products that was certified the SIRIM ECO 001: 2016 and ECO 009: 2016 certification standards. 

Each products quality and price range were supported under distributors’ ticket price from manufacturers and reach backup from more than 3 largest distributors located in Klang Valley area and south peninsular Malaysia. These automatically all products sold to F&B retailers achieve at affordable prices. In 2019, Malyan Expo Asia was understanding-signed with a few overseas suppliers to improve Malaysia-China and Malaysia-Indonesia bilateral relations through import-export trade.

Introduce the 2023 Transform Implementation Phase as guideline to achieving the company’s objective:


  • Become a One Stop Center for advising, supporting and providing business requirement to F&B and cosmetics products owner.
  • Increase the Malyan Expo merchant’s sales volume through printing, import-export activities and Fintech technology.
  • Be the best manufacturer in in F&B and cosmetics product development.


  • To be a leader in eco-friendly plastic and paper F&B packaging printing service with low MOQ, a branding upgrader and as a marketing strategy creater leader to boost Malyan Expo’s merchant sales.

The logo and company name do not work to guarantee the success of the company but who’s the individual driving it is the determinant of the success. Our core person and also acting as a Malyan Founder, Mr Mohd Malek MS has over 9 years experience in Banking and Financial Institutions with experience in marketing, sales and merchants partnership activities in commercial scale. Acting as a key person, various successes have been achieved such as lead a sales event with over 200 merchants, running promotions with the multiple shopping store company and local commercial airlines. Why now with Malyan? The key is through the 2023 Transformation Implementation Phase with Malyan merchants.

Plastic and Paper Cup Printing

Paper Bowl Printing

Cosmetic Bottle Printing

Paper Lunch Box Printing

Ziplock Printing

Paper Bag Printing

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